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Little Inventors wants children to open their eyes to the world of invention and creativity. But beyond the invention drawings, there is a unique opportunity for children and makers, designers and artists to come together and collaborate to bring children’s imagination to life.

By taking children’s ideas seriously and presenting them in a professional manner through collaboration with skilled makers, we will help showcase children’s original ideas, perspectives and voices.

We also want to challenge the skills and experience of adult makers, and encourage them to push beyond their own limits by engaging with the highly imaginative and unhindered minds of young children.

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Manchester, Greater Manchester, UK

We are four creatives, remaking a 'Dog Umbrella' idea for a university project, inspired by our little inventor.

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Manchester, England, UK

We are a group of two fashion designers and two interior designers in first year Manchester School of Art who are hoping to combine our different skillsets and create a beautiful product from one of your amazing inventors' ideas.

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Kyiv, Ukraine

Hi, I`m Sofia, Ukraine. I want to help astronauts in their work.

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Manchester, UK

We are a group of Manchester  students. We all have unique interests and skills which we bring together to attempt to create accurate representations of ideas created by young minds.

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Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, UK

I'm an animator and model-maker based in Northumberland. I combine digital animation techniques with more traditional methods like stop motion. I enjoy sharing my skills with others - I'm an Associate Lecturer at Northumbria University and a mentor on a short course in Film/TV called Ladders.

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Windlesham, Surrey, UK

My name is Maddie Gordon and I'm 20 years old. I am currently studying photography at Ravensbourne University London, but am based in Surrey. My main interests include fashion, music and film photography.

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London, England, UK

I am a 2nd year film student at Ravensbourne university

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london, UK

my name is Tania and I am a graphic design student. I really like working with materials and being tactile.

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London, London, UK

I run a makerspace called Machines Room and i'm Chief Maker at Little Inventors!
I studied art, and love design. I do lots of DIY, fixing and helping others make things.

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Professional 3D product designer at Solid ideas. Andy created multiple CAD prototypes of our most ingenious inventions!

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Showing 21 to 30 of 205