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Little Inventors wants children to open their eyes to the world of invention and creativity. But beyond the invention drawings, there is a unique opportunity for children and makers, designers and artists to come together and collaborate to bring children’s imagination to life.

By taking children’s ideas seriously and presenting them in a professional manner through collaboration with skilled makers, we will help showcase children’s original ideas, perspectives and voices.

We also want to challenge the skills and experience of adult makers, and encourage them to push beyond their own limits by engaging with the highly imaginative and unhindered minds of young children.

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London, UK

I'm Siôn and I love to draw and make things out of cardboard. I especially like to make fun things like cardboard pinball machines and monster detectors! 
As an illustrator I get to draw as my job, this is something I wanted for as long as I can remember so I feel very lucky that it has happened. I also like to help others to draw and make too because the more the merrier as far as I'm concerned!

Manchester, North West, UK

Hello! I am a product designer and Fab Lab technician. I make home and gift ware at my product design company, J Jacob Designs, where I use both traditional craft and modern design. As a Fab Lab technician I am involved with 3D printing, pottery, laser cutting, vinyl cutting, screen printing, sketching, and moulding and casting.

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London, South London, UK

I run Beats Lab, workshop based computer music projects for children and young people in South East London youth clubs. In sessions we create our own original beats and lyrics, then release ours songs on social media.

Stockton-on-Tees, Stockton-on-Tees, UK

Hello My name is Nicola from @Peg Creations.  I am a artist who uses sustainable material to create a number of products and art.  I also write and deliver creative workshops at events and festivals.

Lewes, East Sussex, UK

I make things, or think about making things all the time. I have always been like this so I went to art college. I trained to be a graphic designer. Since then I have designed all sorts of things, patterns for children's clothes, hats, logos and children's wallpaper. I enjoy having a job that is doing what I like. In my free time I make all sorts of things and if I'm bored I do some origami.


Professional 3D product designer at Solid ideas. Andy created multiple CAD prototypes of our most ingenious inventions!

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Sunderland, UK

Carl has an interest in a broad range of design areas and has worked for a number of years teaching on various Animation and Design programmes at the University of Sunderland.

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Vancouver, Canada

Andrew is a design engineer at Makerlabs whose skills include mechanical design, 3D modelling and taco manufacturing.

Magnificent maker
London, UK

Ellie works with all kinds of materials from wood to clay. She often uses waste materials, such as plastic washed up on the beach or recycled glass bottles. She likes to get her hands dirty and try out all kinds of making techniques to help her come up with her designs.

London, UK

I am an Artist and graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2004. Since 2004 I have worked in the world of theatre, not only practicing as a highly skilled prop maker for London's leading West End musicals, but also designing and building awe inspiring sets and installations. In 2012 I set up my own company called A Line Art. We specialise in interactive art events and theatre for children and their families. We tour our work to weird and wonderful places all over the UK and internationally. My main aim is to inspire and encourage creative play within families.

Showing 11 to 20 of 293