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Little Inventors Mission Oceans

It’s all hands on deck! This activity book is full of ideas to help you come up with new inventions to save our seas.

How could you clean up the ocean? Cool down coral reefs? Even travel to the deep, dark depths of the sea? There are no limits!

Find out about underwater cities, strange sea creatures, what it’s like to be an aquatic veterinarian and many more cool facts about the ocean. Draw your own inventions inspired by children just like you. You never know, you could also become a Little Inventor and have your invention brought to life.

‘The oceans are places of wonder and beauty, full of incredible wildlife like giant whales, toothy sharks and clever dolphins, animals I’ve been fortunate enough to swim with and film. The oceans are also the life support system of our planet, helping to keep all life on earth healthy, including you! What amazing inventions can you think of to protect the wonders of our oceans?’

Hugh Pearson
Award winning wildlife film maker and director of The Blue Planet.

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