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We work with some wonderful people to expand the Little Inventors universe and bring your ideas to life!

We want to inspire and make Northern Ireland a country of innovators and foster a spirit of scientific exploration for all. 

The Creative Learning Centres made up of Nerve Centre, Nerve Belfast & AmmA Centre, have provided cutting edge training, resources and advice to teachers and young people for more than a decade. With the support of Northern Ireland Screen, we have brought Little Inventors to Northern Ireland to help turn the next generation into the superstar inventors of the future!

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The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) wants to make Canada a country of innovators and foster a spirit of scientific exploration for all. 

The NSERC team has brought Little Inventors to Canada, to help turn the next generation into the superstar inventors of the future! 

A selection of invention ideas will be made real and brought together in a unique Canadian exhibition to celebrate the launch of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development in 2021. 

Two overall winners will be invited to join the party for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

A few others will have the wonderful opportunity to submit their ideas to the Canadian Science Fair Journal and be published. But that’s not all! We will also choose one invention a month to receive a copy of the Little Inventors Handbook!

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Little Inventors aims to inspire and support children to use their wonderful imaginations to think up ingenious, fantastical, or perfectly practical and useful invention ideas with no limits!

As the biggest shaping force of the next 40 years, climate change will determine the world they will grow up in. 

Together with Birmingham City University, We are calling all children from Greater Birmingham to come up with creative, innovative and brilliant inventions to transform how we deal with energy. 

All you need to do to take part in his free challenge is download a drawing sheet and get inventing!

The children inventors with the most ingenious ideas will be invited to work with Little Inventors and STEAMhouse makers to turn their ideas into reality.

Birmingham City University will showcase the results and the creative talent and innovative thinking of young people of Birmingham in a special exhibition in early 2020. Watch this space!

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Scientists all agree: we have to change how we live so we can take better care of our planet, and even possibly reverse the damage we have already done. The way we produce and use energy is the biggest reason for pollution on Earth. 

Little Inventors is launching a new free initiative, the Pioneers programme inviting young people aged 8-12 in the North East of England to take part in the Energy Challenge.

In addition, 15 young people across  Tees Valley, Sunderland and Northumberland will have their invention chosen to be made real. 

They will be invited with their teachers to take part in our new Pioneers programme, where they will work with the Little Inventors team, professional makers and designers to turn their invention from idea to reality, to be turned into an awesome exhibition in Tees Valley in summer 2020!

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Disney's princesses have inspired generations of children to dream big and believe in themselves - just think of free-spirited Jasmine and adventurous Rapunzel for a start! Through their stories they show time and time again how incredibly resilient they are, overcoming obstacles with courage and changing their world in their own special way.

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Alexandra Palace is an iconic North London venue, home to all sorts of exciting events!  Over the past 140 years, it has been home to amazing entertainers, inventors, innovators - that’s why the 'People's Palace' is also the perfect home for budding inventors and their wonderful ideas.  

Our parks can inspire us in so many ways - to stay healthy, happy and a great place for us all to enjoy nature. 
Did you know that 319 species live in Alexandra Park? 

It’s time to celebrate them through these tough times and beyond! We invite you to take up the Ally Pally Wildlife challenge! 

Some of the inventions will be chosen to be made as an installation in Alexandra Park itself - how exciting is that!!

The challenge date has been extended - submit your idea before the 23rd October 2020 for a chance to see your idea made real and for some exciting prizes, like a trip to Go Ape!

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The Sharjah's Children Biennial is a major art event in the Gulf region and internationally that celebrates children's creativity and imagination.

Every two years, the Sharjah Children Biennial gives children a chance to show their talent by giving them a theme to explore through art. The artworks are then shown in a prestigious exhibition!

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With five Little Inventor objects in the permanent collection and school workshops under way, the V&A and Little Inventors explore the spirit of invention, encouraging children to become the inventors and designers of the future.

We are excited to be working with the V&A again from September 2017 - July 2018 on a series of 15 primary school workshops about the spirit of invention of the Victorians. It's also a resource pack you can download now!

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