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If you are a teacher wanting something fun and rewarding to inspire your students, or a parent looking for a creative activity for a rainy day – Little Inventors has everything you need to embrace the spirit of imagination and support your students in coming up with marvellous, ingenious and bonkers invention ideas!

Little Inventors provides free, curriculum-linked teaching resources and a guide to help deliver fun and fantastical workshops.

To get started, watch the Little Inventors challenge video where our Chief Inventor Dominic Wilcox explains what an inventor does, introduces some of his ideas, and challenges children to come up with their own invention ideas.

And then begin inventing by downloading one of our free resource packs.

If you are an Artsmark school, we are official partners and you can use any of our resources to deliver great creativity workshops!

All our resource packs include...

  • An introductory presentation

  • Our printable drawing worksheet

  • Two different activity worksheets

  • A step by step guide on how to deliver the workshops for you

Resource pack : the mighty oceans

why the oceans matter, sea life and habitats, threats and challenges to ocean health!


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The Pioneers energy challenge resource pack

In this resource pack, you will find two PowerPoint presentation. The first introduces the Energy challenge, what energy is, why it matters, looks at our human history with energy and challenges young people to invent better ways to make, use, store or stop wasting energy.  The second presentation offers a look at different sources of energy. Two activity sheets are provided as well as an invention sheet.  A resource guide with suggested activities and timings is also included, as well as curriculum links and learning outcomes.

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Victorian inventions resource pack

Explore the Victorian spirit of invention! We’re very excited to present this workshop resource pack as part of our partnership with the V&A, using the inventions of the past to inspire the Little Inventors of the future. Download our Victorian Little Inventors teacher’s resource pack.

Explore the spirit of invention of the Victorians!


Open Challenge resource pack

Always engaging and ready for any situation, our Little Inventors resource pack explains what inventing is and gives you all you need to deliver a workshop about all kinds of ingenious inventions.

Grab the entire pack full of activities!


Open Challenge video


Download the video to watch offline.


Guidelines for Making

Download to find out how to become a Magnificent Maker!


Ally Pally Let your imagination fly

This resource pack will introduce some key moments in the history of Alexandra Palace and define what makes it 'the People's Palace', as well as go through the three activities focusing on the Great Hall, Alexandra Park and the London skyline to inspire children to come up with invention ideas and enter the Ally Pally Let your imagination fly challenge!

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Pioneers Inventor's log

We have developed the Inventors log to allow your little inventors to develop their idea further!!
This log has activities that children can complete in their own time, or to continue their invention journey at school
- More about your idea: a self-evaluation of their invention
- What’s the story: Write a story for your invention
My invention comics: another way to tell their story!
- Swap it up: extend your invention to other users
 as well as top tips and further activities such as a profiler and mind map for when they are ready to think of new ideas!

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If you would like to exhibit all of your school’s uploaded invention ideas in your very own Little Inventors gallery online, please contact for more details.

It is a great way to share what all your students’ ideas and show them off to the rest of the Little Inventors World!

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