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Family scooter

Age 9Sunderland, UK

This idea has been brought to life

An invention idea by Wendy Ridley, age 9, made real by Roger O’Brian and AMAP

Traveling together is always more fun so this Family Scooter is perfect for a day out in the park or a visit to the shops.

“This invention is a family scooter. It works by all the family push and it rides. It would be great for a big family” Wendy Ridley

Wendy visited AMAP the automotive engineering research and development company. Roger O’Brian who runs AMAP showed Wendy the Family Scooter they had constructed based on Wendy’s drawing.

“The team at AMAP thought the Family Scooter concept was a great idea for their Formula Student race team to enjoy and get involved with. It is fun and brilliant in its simplicity!

Wendy’s invention sketch was clear and conveyed much of what we needed. We met with Wendy at AMAP to get Wendy involved in assembling the final version of the scooter. This design really works and has seen lots of people keen to try it out and have fun. It was important with 5 wheels in a line that we ensured the scooter would articulate and steer so we had to make ensure the finished product was safe and manoeuvrable, which we discussed with Wendy.

The handlebars can be adjusted to different heights to allow for the whole family to have fun … although we probably recommend an adult is on the only brake at the rear. The whole design can fold up still and fit in the car boot for easy transport on fun family days out! We know Wendy and her family enjoyed testing it, once they could get Dominic off it of course! We have some interesting videos of the Formula Student team testing the prototype… which we will save for the appropriate time!!
This could catch on!” Roger O’Brian