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Little Inventors wants children to open their eyes to the world of invention and creativity. But beyond the invention drawings, there is a unique opportunity for children and makers, designers and artists to come together and collaborate to bring children’s imagination to life.

By taking children’s ideas seriously and presenting them in a professional manner through collaboration with skilled makers, we will help showcase children’s original ideas, perspectives and voices.

We also want to challenge the skills and experience of adult makers, and encourage them to push beyond their own limits by engaging with the highly imaginative and unhindered minds of young children.

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Hi, I am Dino, I like to make the interesting stuff to make everyone happy. you can see my website, dino-robot.com, and you will know it.
Contact me via Email, my Email is  dinochenxuewei@gmail.com.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I am an engineer who loves inventing things that everyone says are impossible. From catapults to cars, I enjoy inventing it all. I am currently working for a company making custom fit 3D printed footwear!

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Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK

Access Space is an arts and education charity with a maker space called Refab Space (which we opened in 2012). We're based in central Sheffield, close to the rail and bus stations.
People interested in art, design, computers, recycling, music, electronics, photography and more, meet like-minded people, share and develop skills and work on creative, enterprising and technical projects. The makers for this challenge are John Moseley, Toni Buckby, Gareth Coleman, Jake Harries and Martyn Eggelton.

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Carlisle, Cumbria, UK

A club for not-yet-grownups to learn how to hack, make & code. We love collaboration, physical computing & making awesome things with pixels. - A couple of special mentions:
Stuart Palmer, 
Toni Rutherford, 
Ben Wohl
Hannah Stewart
Bethany Soane

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Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, UK

I'm a designer and maker working mostly in paper. I love working collaboratively to bring ideas to life through making and discovering new creative techniques. I use prototyping as part of my design research process and to help communicate innovative solutions to clients.

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Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

I'm an ex-seafarer who now works ashore managing our fleet of ships working in offshore windfarms. I'm passionate about supporting careers at sea and in the maritime industry, particularly when it comes to new technologies and designs that can help improve the way we work and save the environment at the same time!

North Star operate the largest UK-owned fleet engaged in the UK’s offshore industry in the North Sea. Our clients rely on our advanced vessels and the experience of our highly trained crews.

Our technology partners, such as Chartwell Marine, help us deliver the best ships we can.

Capital, Cordoba, Argentina

My name is Octavio, I'm 28 and I'm from Córdoba, Argentina. 
I have a degree from Architecture College, and I've even worked as an architect for a short period of time. 
Then I derived into illustration, and more precisely Concept Art, which is the field I currently work in as a freelancer.
Other than that, I like coffee on a cloudy/chilly sunday, reading my favorite book or watching a classic movie :)

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Taipei, Taiwan, Netherlands

I am an artist and a designer based in the Netherlands and Taiwan. I am very interested in exploring people's imaginations and their socio-political impact on society, technology, and the future. I usually use my skills in industrial and interactive design to develop unique tools and experiences through which questions these imaginary figures and narratives that humans create. Aliens are one of the human imaginations that I am investigating at the moment. Besides my own project, I also love to share my skills and experiences with others and make diverse imaginations to be seen and celebrated.

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London, UK

Ellie works with all kinds of materials from wood to clay. She often uses waste materials, such as plastic washed up on the beach or recycled glass bottles. She likes to get her hands dirty and try out all kinds of making techniques to help her come up with her designs.

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Halifax/K'jipuktuk, Nova Scotia, Canada

Digital Mi'kmaq is an Indigenous-led ground breaking initiative, a program of Ulnooweg that aims to create lasting foundational change for Indigenous youth and communities through the interplay of science, culture, education and innovation.

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