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Handy hi-5 (hi-five machine)

Age 6Sunderland, UK

This idea has been brought to life

An invention idea by Oliver, age 6, made real by Tony Canning of Fab Lab Sunderland.

When you succeed at something but there is no one around to give you a hi five, this machine is perfect.

“A machine that gives you a high five. I say ‘High Five’ and it high fives when it springs up and it turns red and says ‘High 5’ when the hands meet each other. Children would use it.” Oliver

Oliver visited the Fab Lab Sunderland to explain his idea to the maker Tony Canning.

“Oliver’s High 5 machine……
…presented an interesting challenge. Immediate thoughts were to use the Arduino open source electronics prototyping platform to control a motor to operate a cam.
The motor needed more power than first thought and this resulted in changing the mechanism to a flip release at the motor.
The frame is built from a modular kit form. Onto this is a casting of Oliver’s own hand which was a difficult job. This was produced from a molding taken of Oliver’s hand at FabLab Sunderland which was in turn used to cast a foam copy of his hand.” Tony Canning