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The Liftolator (war avoider)

Age 11Sunderland, UK

This idea has been brought to life

An invention by Charlotte Scott, age 11, made into model form by Erin Dickson at Fab Lab Sunderland.
A thought provoking idea, bringing safety to those living in danger.

“If you want to get away from war simply get your house and garden on a platform. Sit on the seat and get on the platform. Soon you will be on the seat and steering your way out of the war zone and into a safe area.” Charlotte Scott.

Charlotte met with the maker Erin Dickson at Fab Lab Sunderland and explained her idea in more detail.

Erin was initially attracted to the Liftolator ‘war avoider’ due to the dark themes viewed from an innocent 11 year old’s perspective, which reminded her of the abstract and controversial works of 1960’s architectural group Archigram. The War Avoider envisages a utopian escape for those living in war torn countries, complete with a starter pack, an invisible shield and a pre-planted vegetable patch. A family can enter the pod via the elevating armchair, and live safely and happily while Liftolator drives itself to a more peaceful location.

The glass dome was hand blown by at the National Glass Centre, Sunderland. It represents the ‘invisible blanket’ as described in the drawing.