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Creakless slippers

Sally Age 11

Sunderland, UK

This idea has been made real

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Lalya Gaye is an artist, designer and engineer based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK where she runs the collaborative digital media art practice Attaya Projects. Lalya builds interactive art installations, provides consulting in interaction design and digital technology, and delivers creative electronics workshops. She works primarily with sound, light, metal, interactive technologies, and urban space.

Magnificent maker1 made real

Sally’s invention consists of inflatable slippers that enable people to walk on squeezy floorboards without making a noise. I worked with Sally in identifying how to make the resulting prototype best convey her idea to an audience. Then she gave the invention a new iteration in its design. The final prototype was developed according to her specifications. It is a slipper with an air pillow attached to its sole, and with a pompom at the back that turns green from red when you activate it by pretending to be putting the slipper on – as a way to demonstrate the interactivity of the invention.