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No Plooshon (Pollution) Jacket

Age 6London, UK

This idea has been brought to life

Gruff (pronounced Griff, it's Welsh), is age 6 and suffers from asthma. He really doesn't like London's pollution and so he decided to draw an invention idea that might help, a 'No Plooshun Jacket'. The idea being that it would protect him from the pollution in the air or at least let people know about the pollution in the air so they do something about it.

Gruff's idea was made real by local textile designer Barley Masey at Fabrications, Hackney, London. She met with Gruff and he explained his idea in more detail. Barley showed him some of the fabric options and Gruff made a selection.

Once Barley had made the Jacket and trousers, we took them to Zoe Laughlin, Director of The Institute of Making in London. She added a little bit of science to Gruff's Jacket by spraying it with titanium dioxide. This substance is known to break down pollutants in the atmosphere.

Gruff was very happy to see his idea made into reality. Hopefully, one day, London won't be so polluted.

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No Pollution Jacket
Gruff with maker Barley Massey.
No Pollution Jacket
Gruff wearing his 'No plooshon' anti-pollution jacket.

Gruff visited Barley at her shop Fabrications to explain his idea in more detail and choose the fabrics for Barley to use.

Zoe Laughlin at the Institute of Making applied titanium dioxide onto Gruff's Jacket. Zoe explained that this chemical breaks down pollution particles in the air.

Gruff's 'No Plooshun Jacket' drawing. © Gruff 2017

Gruff out for a walk in his jacket with his Mother and Sister.

A close up of the No Plooshon Jacket.

Gruff suffers from asthma that causes him to cough.

Gruff with his invention drawing.

Magnificent Maker Barley and Little Inventor Gruff age 6.

Gruff's No Plooshon Jacket takes Japan!

Gruff and his jacket have been featured in a Japenese children's magazine and featured on Japaenese TV! See the TV clip here

Gruff loved seeing himself illustrated, and we do too!

Check out Gruff on Japenese TV!