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Little Inventors wants children to open their eyes to the world of invention and creativity. But beyond the invention drawings, there is a unique opportunity for children and makers, designers and artists to come together and collaborate to bring children’s imagination to life.

By taking children’s ideas seriously and presenting them in a professional manner through collaboration with skilled makers, we will help showcase children’s original ideas, perspectives and voices.

We also want to challenge the skills and experience of adult makers, and encourage them to push beyond their own limits by engaging with the highly imaginative and unhindered minds of young children.

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Grimsby, Lincolnshire, UK

Working from my own studio and gallery ,  I create a variety of unique pottery figurines and collectibles, both functional and decorative as well as throwing pots on the potter's wheel. 
I love a challenge.  Commissions most welcome.

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I have been involved in flying payloads since 1984, first during the Space Shuttle program and now at the International Space Station. McGill University Aerospace Medical Research Unit, McGill University Aerospace Medical Research Unit, worked on the development, flight training, and operational support for neuroscientific research. I am currently head of ISS Projects and Payloads Development for the Canadian Space Agency and responsible for the development and operations of a portfolio of payloads and instruments.

London, UK

I teach weaving workshops with my partner Brooke. We also teach embroidery and we knit and sew too! We love all things textiles. We're also insanely funny. I swear.

Ikosi, Lagos, Nigeria

I am ObaniJesu, I am 5 years old, I like  to invent things to can make life easy for people without them having to pay so much for it. I want to invent things for needy children so that they can go back to school. I have made  lamp, spaceship, football stadium. My inventions are still very basic though..

Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK

Access Space is an arts and education charity with a maker space called Refab Space (which we opened in 2012). We're based in central Sheffield, close to the rail and bus stations.
People interested in art, design, computers, recycling, music, electronics, photography and more, meet like-minded people, share and develop skills and work on creative, enterprising and technical projects. The makers for this challenge are John Moseley, Toni Buckby, Gareth Coleman, Jake Harries and Martyn Eggelton.

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Carlisle, Cumbria, UK

A club for not-yet-grownups to learn how to hack, make & code. We love collaboration, physical computing & making awesome things with pixels. - A couple of special mentions:
Stuart Palmer, 
Toni Rutherford, 
Ben Wohl
Hannah Stewart
Bethany Soane

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Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK

I am an artist working with textiles and interactive media. I run workshops on digital fabrication at Access Space (Sheffield) and spend most of my time attempting to get impractical ideas to function.

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Carlisle, Cumbria, UK

Design everything from a kids frisbee to a house 
Over 35 years in the design industry.
Can draw by hand or CAD

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university instructor and Technician for all practical workshops, specialising in 3d mould making, ceramics and Laser cutters.
Working with Hack-make-code base in Carlisle.

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