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Little Inventors wants children to open their eyes to the world of invention and creativity. But beyond the invention drawings, there is a unique opportunity for children and makers, designers and artists to come together and collaborate to bring children’s imagination to life.

By taking children’s ideas seriously and presenting them in a professional manner through collaboration with skilled makers, we will help showcase children’s original ideas, perspectives and voices.

We also want to challenge the skills and experience of adult makers, and encourage them to push beyond their own limits by engaging with the highly imaginative and unhindered minds of young children.

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London, Lewisham, UK

I am a second year university  student studying BA(Hons) Graphic Design. I enjoy making promotional posters and short clips. Weirdly, I like to manipulate type and make my own type too, depending on the project. My favorite thing to do is read manga and to watch anime in my spare time.

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London, London, UK

2nd Year Motion Graphics student at Ravensbourne University. I enjoy graphics and animating.

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2nd year Editing and Post Production student. I enjoy editing videos and creating motion graphics.

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Manchester, UK

I am a student of metropolitan manchester university.


I'm a designer and maker based in Manchester. I teach at Manchester School of Art as well as running independent creative projects. I'm interested in the unusual and unexpected and enjoy making imaginative ideas into real experiences.

London, Essex, UK

I am currently studying Graphic Design at Ravensbourne University. I am in my 2nd year. I particularly enjoy working in this industry because no two days are the same. When things feel new it becomes easy for me to throw myself into the work and get creative. I love working along side others and hearing other people’s ideas yet can work alone.

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London, Woolwich, UK

A student at Ravensbourne studying Digital Film Production  at Ravensbourne.

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Ottawa, ONTARIO, Canada

I'm five years old. I made a display stand that turns so you can see all around whatever's on display.


I'm a self taught Python programmer that likes to tinker and break stuff.

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Brampton, Ontario, Canada

i like building stuff for fun and anything i fix and make stuff. Basically, i'm a handy man.

Showing 291 to 300 of 356