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Anton Steenken

Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
3 brought to life


Job role:CEO @ Albus Vision, CAD Engineer & 3D Animator

Skills:I have a degree in engineering and am specialized in CAD and 3D work. Through my freelance work and my company, my team and I bring Ideas to life.

I love to dive deep into innovative ideas and help them get closer to a real product. Getting a hot coffee, turning on some music and just flow into the process of creating is one of my favorite things in life.

Recent blog entries

Milas powerfull invention IRL
Posted about Red de fuerza para lo bosques by Mila

I have put Milas amazing protection system into a real Forrest to show its power. In the long term, it should protect even more trees at once!

Blancas Submarine in the real Ocean
Posted about submarino 2.0 by Blanca

In this round, I took Blancas amazing invention and put it into a real ocean environment. It can be seen picking up trash and freeing a turtle from plastic!

Invention in action!
Posted about Anto que no contamina by Amalia

I one additional step, the amazing invention from Amalia to prevent storms is tested in a real environment. It shows how the pilot removed a storm from the sky, just leaving a slight dribble of rain.