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submarino 2.0

Age 10santiago (chicureo), Chile

This idea has been brought to life

Watch the video below to see Blanca's invention come to life!

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Anton Steenken has been working on making this idea real.
Blancas Submarine in the real Ocean
Posted by Anton Steenken

In this round, I took Blancas amazing invention and put it into a real ocean environment. It can be seen picking up trash and freeing a turtle from plastic!

Update after Blancas Feedback
Posted by Anton Steenken

The talk with Blanca was amazing! Blanca had a very clear vision of how her invention should function, and I took it very seriously. 
I hope I was able to match her Idea and am very glad I was able to meet her and her amazing way of problem-solving!

First iteration
Posted by Anton Steenken

I have 3D modeled and composed a scene for Blancas fantastic invention. I tried to match her vision as closely as possible to show its amazing potential!
Now I am looking forward to meeting Blanca and to get her unique perspective on this inspiring invention.