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Anto que no contamina

Age 8Santiago, Chile

This idea has been brought to life

Watch the video to see Amalia's invention come to life!

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Anton Steenken has been working on making this idea real.
Invention in action!
Posted by Anton Steenken

I one additional step, the amazing invention from Amalia to prevent storms is tested in a real environment. It shows how the pilot removed a storm from the sky, just leaving a slight dribble of rain.

The special pilot is ready for duty!
Posted by Anton Steenken

In the last step, I colored Amalia dog Bonnie to get her into the invention. 
I really hope I could match her likeness a bit, she is a very cute dog and has an amazing owner who put her in charge of their amazing invention!
Thank you for the great idea and invention, Amalia!

Updated Version with a special Pilot
Posted by Anton Steenken

It has been amazing to work with Amalia, and I was essentially keen to get her dog into the driver seat of her awesome invention!
It is almost finished now, and it needs just a couple of finishing touches to hopefully match Amalias vision and do her dog justice. Loved this project!

First iteration and meeting with Amalia
Posted by Anton Steenken

I have 3D modeled Amalias invention for a final render. In our meeting, Amalia showed her inspiring creativity and asked about a very special dog to be the pilot for her invention! 
I am now working to doing her great invention justice and adding her pilot into the scene and finalize it into a complete render.