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Red de fuerza para lo bosques

Age 10Maitencillo, Chile

This idea has been brought to life

Mila's invention was brought to life by Anton as a 3D model and in animation. Watch the video below to see it come to life!

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Anton Steenken has been working on making this idea real.
Milas powerfull invention IRL
Posted by Anton Steenken

I have put Milas amazing protection system into a real Forrest to show its power. In the long term, it should protect even more trees at once!

Final Version with Sound
Posted by Anton Steenken

I have added sound and rendered the final animation to show Milas amazing invention in action!

The updated Version (Screenshots)
Posted by Anton Steenken

I have incorporated Milas feedback into her incredible invention. 
Now it is only about rendering the final version to show Milas awesome invention to the rest of the world through 3D animation!

First iteration and meeting with MILA
Posted by Anton Steenken

I have created a short animation showing how Milas idea could look in a final animation. Once I showed it to Mila, she had inspiring feedback and a clear vision of how her invention should be brought to life! I am now working the changes making the animation match Milas vision more closely.

The screenshots show key frames from the animation Mila saw:
1. System gets initiated.
2. System is online
3. Forcefield indicates active state
4. Chainsaw approaches
5. Forcefield protection get active and stops chainsaw
6. The system indicates, that authorities are needed to unlock the system again