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Year two of the Powering the Future project is under way!

Following the roaring success of year one of the Powering the Future: South Tyneside and Beyond! challenge, year two is sure to be just as jam-packed with amazing invention ideas. The project is in partnership with South Tyneside Council and Dogger Bank Wind Farm, which is set to become the world’s largest offshore wind farm.

The first iteration of the project saw child inventor and maker come together to realise an invention idea that either used wind or created renewable energy from the power of movement. Prior to this, the hunt for the winning inventions was on, as we received hundreds of ideas from children across South Tyneside from year four and year five age groups.

From Alice's Turtle Motorway to Isaac's Wind Mirrors, six winners took home the prize of having their invention brought to life by a team of incredible makers.

Ryder Architecture, animator Chloe Rodham, and Ford Areospace were just a few to join us in using their industry experience and impeccable crafting skills to bring to life a little inventor's vision.

Turtle Motorway
Alice's invention 'The Turtle Motorway'

For many months, the invention prototypes took up residence in a free exhibition held at South Shields' The Word. Visitors were not only able to enjoy the six ideas on show (alongside several classic Little Inventors makes from years gone by!) but were provided the opportunity to get inventing themselves.

the word
The Word

Two ideas were selected following a challenge presented to the public and were brought to life by makers Dominic Wilcox and Honey Postle to be showcased alongside the six original ideas.

Health Angel of the North and Up! Up! Up! stood out from the rest in their uniquely clever utilisation of energy, as well as for their aesthetic brilliance.

up up up
Florence's invention 'Up! Up! Up!'

Now, year two of the project is well under way as workshops and brainstorming sessions work their way into primary schools in the North East. The children will begin by gaining some valuable insight into the theory behind their invention challenge, learn about Dogger Bank, and about the possibilities within renewable energy.

Year five students will return to the project, this time tackling their year group's challenge: to invent something that harnesses the power of movement to create renewable energy. Conversely, a fresh cohort of year four pupils will reap the benefits of educational and creative fun as they invent something that uses wind.

We cannot wait to see the ingenious, practical, and bonkers ideas that flood in from this year's participants and we are immensely glad to continue working with our partners and even more talented makers this year.

Time to get moving and shaking, thinking and making!