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Jean Deslauriers

St-Lazare, Quebec, Canada

Skills:- Electronics (microcontrollers, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Microchip MCUs, sensors, small robots, etc.). - Electromechanics (relays, actuators, small robots). - Woodworking (furniture, enclosures, project boxes, etc.) - 3D CAD, computer design and 3Dprinting of all kind of objects - Stained glass (lamps, all kinds of objects)

I am a retired nuclear physicist who has worked mostly in the electronics industry and has touched to all aspects of electronic systems fabrication (integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, hybrid circuits, assembly and testing).  
I love making all kinds of electronic gadgets (home automation, remote control, small mobile robots). 
I am an excellent woodworker, mostly furniture making.
I like working with stained glass and made many lamps and objects.
I am bilingual (French/English) and when not making some new gadget I like to travel with my wife and take the opportunity to learn foreign languages.