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The Super Ultra Pup Seat

Age 9Newcastle, UK

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Gary Pogue has been working on making this idea real.
Final images
Posted by Gary Pogue

Some Final images and renders are starting to come together now! it is looking great installed into the metro

Zoom call updates
Posted by Gary Pogue

I had a great zoom call with my client Eva! she thought the design was looking great and exactly how she imaged! Great news! We came up with a few more ideas about the colours. It's looking great! I can not wait to see how it looks on the train model

Adding details to the model
Posted by Gary Pogue

Now that I know what it looks like I can start to add all the details like the drawers, cushions and table.

Turning the Pup Seat into a 3D model
Posted by Gary Pogue

First thing i wanted to do is create the drawing into a 3D model so I could visualise what it would look like for all angles!