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The Nutritionist Glasses

Age 10Paris, France

This idea has been brought to life

This invention remained stuck in maker Honey Postle's head, so she decided to bring it to life!

Honey crafted a prototype of Elea's helpful glasses that are wearable and really quite stylish too.

The glasses help people eat healthier. Just look at a food and they will light up green, yellow or red based on its nutritional content! Handy right? Although we might have to tactfully ignore the red light when there’s chocolate around….

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Honey Postle has been working on making this idea real.
Choosing this invention
Posted by Honey Postle

This invention stuck in my head and so I've decided to bring it to life.

Understanding food can be tricky, and developing a healthy relationship with it can be even harder. I think these glasses could help us identify which foods to try and include more of in our diets, or help persuade us to try a new vegetable we've never heard of. They could even be used at a food market if you want to avoid super spicy food!

I think this idea is great Elea, and I am excited to bring it to life :)