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The Georgimal Stick

Age 11Sudbury, Canada

This idea has been brought to life

Inventing new games is not easy, but the Georgimal stick is definitely something we haven't seen before! So glad James Plant decided to bring it to life!

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James Plant has been working on making this idea real.
Making the Georgimal Stick
Posted by James Plant

The Georgimal stick, what an interesting concept to keep astronauts engaged and relaxed! The sketch brief was pretty detailed in this design. I wanted to bring the idea to life the most I could on earth. With the effects of gravity, I needed to decide how the Georgimal would fly! I was able to source a small drone that flys similar to how a Georgimal would in space. 

I used a process called laser cutting to cut the profiles of the marshmallow launcher and the base of the stick. The post is made from polypropylene, a strong and lightweight plastic and the ball as shown in the design drawing sits on top to stop the Georgimal escaping.