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The Banana Phone

Age 9Falmouth, UK

This idea has been brought to life

This invention was made real as part of the Little Inventors x Falmouth University collaboration. Sustainable Product Design student Honey Postle brought it to life. Many more students on the course brought to life selected invention ideas thought up by pupils from Mawnan Primary School.

Paddy's invention is a survival phone. It can defend and help you with things as well as being a disguised phone. We really admire Paddy's creativity in selecting a banana shape, it's both fun and intriguing and a convenient shape too.

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Honey Postle has been working on making this idea real.
The Banana Phone is ready!
Posted by Honey Postle

Paddy wanted to make a spy phone that was disguised as an uneaten banana. We thought this was such a fun way to repurpose unwanted fruit, and sneaky too!