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The Ball Pusher

Age 9UK

This idea has been brought to life

Evie's invention was brought to life by the team at The Making Rooms in Blackburn.

Maker blog entries

Nishad Joshi and Thomas Macpherson-Pope have been working on making this idea real.
The Ball Pusher
Posted by Nishad Joshi

Assembled a portable Basketball hoop with a stand and painted it with blue spray paint. Purchased a DC geared motor according to the required torque and designed some mounting clamps to fix that motor. We got an old Mannequin hand and designed a special mounting to fix it on the motor shaft. Finally, Arduino and LM298N motor drivers have been used to control the motion of the motor. When someone presses the push button, the Arduino gets the signal and instructs the motor driver to move the arm as per the program. It also has the limit switch to determine the start and stop of the hand. All the motor, limit switch and push button holders are 3D printed using PLA. The motor and the limit switch are mounted on the plywood board, made using a CNC router. All design and manufacturing process is carried out by The Making Rooms in-house.