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The All-weather Bike

Age 10Leipzig, Germany

This idea has been brought to life

Gary Pogue, animator and 3D designer from Newcastle bought Helena's All-Weather Bike to life via a digital 3D render.

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Gary Pogue has been working on making this idea real.
Some Final images
Posted by Gary Pogue

Here are some final images of the all weather bike! After having a great chat with Helena on zoom, she gave me some great direction on some extra little finishing touches. It was also great to ask her some questions about how the invention worked and how she came up with the idea!

Test Renders
Posted by Gary Pogue

here are some test render of the all weather bike in real life.

Final Model Concept
Posted by Gary Pogue

This image is close to the concept drawing from the inventor. I have overlaid the hood so we can still see where the bike will be inside

Creating the 3D model
Posted by Gary Pogue

The first part of the process is to create the bike and all the different parts that make up the all weather bike. Here are some renders of the parts i have been modelling so far!

I have created a classic style bike which i think will be a nice contrast between the futuristic style hood for the all weather bike. I have also created the heaters for the inside to keep it nice and warm on those cold dark rainy mornings.