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Age 11Seaton Valley, UK

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Newcastle, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

I teach all types of animation at Northumbria University but I specialise in 3D animation.
I like to make photorealistic work and aim to use this in my project.

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Leon created not one, not two but FIVE inventions when he took part in the Energy Challenge at a workshop at Seaton Valley library. The Reminder is doubly energy clever as it not only creates BUT ALSO saves energy. Leon got inspired by thinking about his sister, who often forgets to shut the door and then the room gets cold.

The Reminder has a super hinge that generates energy when the door is opened and closed but it also reminds you to close the door if it is left open too long to conserve the heat or cool inside the building to reduce the need for heating or cooling.

Maker blog entries

Gary Pogue has been working on making this idea real.
Bespoke Reminders
Posted by Gary Pogue

Today i have put together some images of what the reminder would look like in different house designs to help them blend in and look part of the house.

Door function
Posted by Gary Pogue

Today was time to focus on how the door would work. I had to build a crank shaft and piston in order for the spring to be pushed down. I have made special controls in the animation software that makes the piston push down the spring when you open the door.
the next step will be to decide if i will put the door into real life, or make a house in animation.

Reminder - Engineer APPROVED!
Posted by Gary Pogue

today i spoke to my best friend who works as a real life engineer! I showed him Leon's invention to get advice on how i could make the spring compress as the door opens. He said it was completely possible and the Reminder would actually work in real life!
Below are some mechanisms that could be used to compress the spring as someone opens the door.

door Design
Posted by Gary Pogue

Over the past few days i have been creating what the door and spring will look like!
I have gone for a classic glossy red door.  I added some classy brass door knobs and door numbers. I made it in a quirky style similar to the monsters inc door shown in my previous post.

First thing i thought of when i saw the drawing
Posted by Gary Pogue

As soon as i saw the reminder drawing, the doors from monsters inc popped into my head. I think it would be great to take inspiration from this!