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Racket and klanc drums

Age 9Billingham, UK

This idea has been brought to life

Amelia is a big music fan, her favourite band is Queen, she especially loves Bohemian Rhapsody. The Racket and Klanc Drums will make charging phones fun instead of a chore whilst also being sustainably powered. Magnifico!!

Maker blog entries

Gareth Owen Lloyd and Marek Gabrysch have been working on making this idea real.
Building the frame
Posted by Marek Gabrysch

The frame was cut out to accomodate the drums to complete the project the rotating music notes needed to rotate ink keeping with the  design however the energy needed to rotate it was more than the air being emitted from the drums so I decided to attach a ratchet to the Hi hat pedal for rotational effect. The music sign was painted onto a drum skin and fixed to a recycled fan motor which acted  as a  bearing for the rotating sign.

Mounting the turbines
Posted by Marek Gabrysch

I found away to secure the turbines onto the underside of the drums using spring loaded plate hangers. I used galvanised steel  builders strapping to create a bridge mount for the turbines at the correct distance and placement from the hole in the drumskins with a special adaptation for the bass drum using some rope

First thoughts
Posted by Marek Gabrysch

I thought the turbine could be put to good effect by connecting up all of the drums and feeding  all of the air generated to the generator.

Posted by Marek Gabrysch

Many plastic skinned drums like a drum kit have  holes in them  to let the pressure out when you hit them and this helps to make the drum sound good. When you hit a drum the air escapes in a puff and I thought we could use this  to drive a turbine and generate electricity
I have also  been researching micro wind turbines. and I found an inexpensive nicely designed and efficient model turbine.

Air holes
Posted by Marek Gabrysch

I tried to improve efficiency of the  drum vent  hole by fitting a one way valve on the drumskin. I cut a circular  hole in the skin  and used silicone sealant  to bond it to the drum skin. In my eagerness to try it out the valve fell off.  However on trying out the generator on the open hole the efficiency was much improved  and the light was brighter and more constant.