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Marek Gabrysch

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Skills:Swiss Army knife skill set -a bit of everything. welding, soldering, woodwork, electronics, sound and video, rocketry, Arduino, and fixing skills. Best attribute: tricky problem-solving.

Hi, my name is Marek but I answer to Maz. I am a compulsive maker and fixer and I have been making things since I was young. Amongst other things, I have built a  telescope,  a  house, a recording studio,  musical instruments, a theremin, a wind turbine,  bicycle powered smoothie machine, video rocket and a full sized UFO.  And as part of the Star and Shadow II build team, I also built a cinema.  In my spare time, I run Fixit Cafe, a loose collection of individuals devoted to preventing landfill and a choir of noisy singers (noizechoir).

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Air holes
Posted about Racket and klanc drums by Amelia

Many plastic skinned drums like a drum kit have  holes in them  to let the pressure out when you hit them and this helps to make the drum sound good. When you hit a drum the air escapes in a puff and I thought we could use this  to drive a turbine and generate electricity