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Age 7Prince George, Canada

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Visit our online exhibition Mission: Protect our oceans to find out more about how the Mermicorn was brought to life!

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Seyeon Park has been working on making this idea real.
Almost there!- Total Compositing and Editing
Posted by Seyeon Park

The project is running towards the end. I have been doing the very final step, compositing a single scene into a sequence. In a motion graph animation, this is the most important part (in my personal view) as the transition is the most impressive part of it. 
The hardest, but my favorite process to see the result over and over again that I have just made a smooth frame!

Concept Art
Posted by Seyeon Park

For a few weeks, I've been working on the concept designs, story boards planning for production of motion graphic animation, "Mernicorn". I decided to add a story that Mermicorn build a shelter for fish after it collect the particles of micro-plastic. 
It is my interpretation of Mary's saying "recycles it into useful plastic. "
And yes! That's a collaborative concept with Mary!
For the character design, I borrowed the original color palette-white on body, red on tail, green on purse, and black on fin- and adjusted it into more pastel tone. I made roundy face and big eyes that could be seen in an animation for kids! I hope all people, parents and children enjoy my work.