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La méduse

Évangeline and Oscar
Age 7Ladysmith, Canada

This idea has been brought to life

Visit our online exhibition Mission: Protect our oceans to find out more about how Évangeline and Oscar's idea was brought to life!

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Gabriela Antonini Escovedo has been working on making this idea real.
Animation process
Posted by Gabriela Antonini Escovedo

The process in how the animation was produced starts with me drawing assets digitally. Assets are the visuals elements, such as, Évangeline and Oscar's invention and backgrounds that I added in the animation. 

I developed the drawing assets in the Adobe Photoshop software. Afterwards, I transferred those assets into another software called Adobe After Effects where I start using different tools to animate and composite with their invention.

To show 'La méduse' mechanism, I think that demonstrating how the jellyfish identifies trash, collects oil and the interior deposit represent the most significant aspects about this idea.

Consequently, in the animation I diminish the opacity, so the audience can see how the jellyfish's internal structure functions. 

Underneath, there is a compilation of screenshots breakdowns of one of the animation scenes, background and the interior part of 'La méduse'.

Zoom call with Évangeline and Oscar
Posted by Gabriela Antonini Escovedo

I e-meet Évangeline and Oscar to get better idea of how the mechanisms of their amazing invention works. It was extremely enjoyable to get to know and talk to them as well as get their feedback on what they think about the project! I also, had the pleasure to meet Jill, their teacher and one of their mums as well!

Subsequently, therefore, I changed the character design based on their feedback and guidance.

Rough storyboard
Posted by Gabriela Antonini Escovedo

After completing the concept art, I figured out the color palette of the character design. Later, I started doing the storyboard rough outlines of a small story to combine all these elements. The rough storyboard I created to give a north to this animation narrative.

Concept art
Posted by Gabriela Antonini Escovedo

To bring to life Évangeline and Oscar’s idea, I initiated a brainstorming process to find out how their invention works. Therefore, I broke down their drawing into initial traditional sketches. In addition, I developed a research to learn more about how our oceans get polluted, the morphology of jellyfishes and vivid colors.

After the research, digitally, I altered some of the machine character design and introduced not only the inside view but also the external appearance of ‘La Méduse’. The invention helps clean oceans absorbing the oil. Inside of the invention there is an oil deposit and a sponge system to absorb up ocean’s oil.

First steps
Posted by Gabriela Antonini Escovedo

I chose to bring to life Évangeline and Oscar’s idea. Their idea is called “La méduse”. The word refers to a big jellyfish invention to help clean the oceans.