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Detective Danger

Age 9Canada

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SiYuet Cheung (Jessie) has been working on making this idea real.
Posted by SiYuet Cheung (Jessie)

Satellite in space.. crucial device that sends signal to the diver, helps them to locate the animals in distress.

The Pod
Posted by SiYuet Cheung (Jessie)

A drawing of the pod for the diver to move freely under the deep deep ocean. Inspired by Dr. Sylvia Earle's submarine.

Sensors at Work
Posted by SiYuet Cheung (Jessie)

Sensors are working hard to detect the animals in distress!

Turtle in Distress
Posted by SiYuet Cheung (Jessie)

A short clip of a turtle in distress! Caught by a plastic bag, waiting to be rescue Detective Danger and the diver!