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SiYuet Cheung (Jessie)

Toronto, ON, Canada
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Skills:I do animations like 2d, frame by frame and stop motion. I make installations and sculptures as well, but mostly film and video related.

I am currently studying at OCAD University, in an Integrated Media program, mostly doing film, animation, and video installations. I am passionate about finding relations between seemingly unrelated subjects and combining them to create a unique artwork.

Recent blog entries

Posted about Detective Danger by Precious-Joy

Satellite in space.. crucial device that sends signal to the diver, helps them to locate the animals in distress.

The Pod
Posted about Detective Danger by Precious-Joy

A drawing of the pod for the diver to move freely under the deep deep ocean. Inspired by Dr. Sylvia Earle's submarine.

Sensors at Work
Posted about Detective Danger by Precious-Joy

Sensors are working hard to detect the animals in distress!

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