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Leamington Spa, UK

I've experience as an Electrical Systems Engineer that has also set up an Escape room business using puzzles and electronics that I have created. My business is quite new but I am really liking the process of thinking up an idea, sketching it, building it and then seeing if it works how I imagined.  In my spare time I also maintain and modify an old Land Rover which requires just as much ingenuity to keep it running.

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The build
Posted by David Billany

I've bought a cup and a bowl, measured up a spacer so they can be stuck together and made a hole for the straw. 
Few challenges finding the right adhesive but I am happy with the final product.

I used a steel bowl along with a thermos type cup as well as a steel straw. This means its all washable and no plastic straws to throwaway. The cup will also keep your drink cold due to being double layered. I will definitely be using this to watch films.