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What can you invent to help protect our oceans and water resources?

We all know how essential our water resources are and so we need your ideas to help to protect them and to keep them healthy, to help the people whose livelihoods come from working in them, and celebrate all the wonderful creatures which live underwater.

Take a deep dive with your imagination!


Think up and draw invention ideas that will help astronauts in outer space! Enter the challenge and help improve how astronauts explore the universe.

To help make the programme as accessible as possible, we’re accepting submissions for invention ideas as drawings (either photographs of drawings on paper, or digital drawing files) or photographs of sculptural submissions.


To enter, complete all the challenge entry sheets including:

  The game box cover design sheet
  The game cards design sheet
  The game description sheet

Then upload the sheets and your information below.

The first sheet should be your box cover design sheet. This must be an image such as jpeg, gif or png.

Then add the game card design sheet and the game information sheet in either Jpeg, Gif, PNG, PDF, Word or Powerpoint.
You can then upload optional extra sheets including photos of your design if you have them.

Finally, fill in the form and hit the 'Send to us' button to submit. Email hello@littleinventors.org with any questions.

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It’s your chance to become an ocean scientist and think of inventions to protect and improve the health of our oceans.
Enter the challenge and be part of the solution!

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Nearly a fifth of the food we buy ends up in the bin! And lots of that is food that is perfectly edible, but still we throw it away because we prepare too much or we're not sure about how fresh it is. 

We challenge you to become a food hero: can you invent something to help reduce the food you throw away at home?

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