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Put your inventing skills to the test with a Little Inventors challenge!

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The Little Inventors Protect our Oceans - Mini challenge project consists of six ocean themed challenges designed to be done as a quick and fun activity at home or school or be delivered to students as a series of full lessons.

Choose one mini-challenge or do all six of them!

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Bring Tyne & Wear Metro to life by inventing new and fun ways to use it! This might be something to help make a Metro train driver’s job be even more exciting, an even a brand new way for a Metro train to travel or a way to make your Metro journey even more fun!

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It’s all hands on deck! This activity book is full of ideas to help you come up with new inventions to save our seas.
How could you clean up the ocean? Cool down coral reefs? Even travel to the deep, dark depths of the sea? There are no limits!


Choose from one of the two themes to help you think up an ingenious invention to protect our planet! 

Theme 1 - Protect biodiversity 

Animals and plants make homes in wild habitats like deserts and forests, but they also live in the cities, amongst us on the edges of buildings and between the cracks in the pavements. Wherever you live you can make a difference. What could you invent to bring more biodiversity to the area you live in?

Theme 2 - Invent a more sustainable future

Every decision we make has an impact on the planet, from what we eat to how we travel. Can you think of traditions in your country that are kinder to the environment and help to protect it? Think up an invention that would help us to throw fewer things away and waste less, to use less energy or to travel more sustainably!

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What can you invent to help protect our oceans and water resources?

We all know how essential our water resources are and so we need your ideas to help to protect them and to keep them healthy, to help the people whose livelihoods come from working in them, and celebrate all the wonderful creatures which live underwater.

Take a deep dive with your imagination!


Think up and draw invention ideas that will help astronauts in outer space! Enter the challenge and help improve how astronauts explore the universe.

To help make the programme as accessible as possible, we’re accepting submissions for invention ideas as drawings (either photographs of drawings on paper, or digital drawing files) or photographs of sculptural submissions.

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