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Family Scooter to be displayed at the Young V&A

The Family Scooter was thought up by 9-year-old Wendy Ridley back in 2016. The prototype consists of four colourful scooters attached together (complete with adjustable handlebars and a master break for an adult to operate) to provide a ride for all the family.

“This invention is a Family Scooter. It works by all the family push and it rides. It would be great for a big family," Wendy said of her innovative creation.

scooter drawing

We collaborated with Roger O’Brian and AMAP to make the Family Scooter real. Wendy visited AMAP, part of the Faculty of Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing at the University of Sunderland, and worked with Roger to achieve her vision and construct a prototype that really does work!

Roger said: “The team at AMAP thought the Family Scooter concept was a great idea for their Formula Student race team to enjoy and get involved with. It is fun and brilliant in its simplicity!"

building the scooter

The Family Scooter is now returning to display with the V&A. The Young V&A branch will be including the prototype in its new design gallery as part of a section exploring how designers change the way we move around our cities, coming July 2023.

Here at Little Inventors, we are always immensely proud to see the ideas of ingenious children, and the objects we've poured a lot of heart and soul into, live on!

We hope everyone who visits the Young V&A in July enjoys the Family Scooter as much as we do.