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Selfridge ANG Base, Michigan, US
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Skills:Woodworking, some electronics, laser cutter, graphic design, general crafting

STARBASE One is a non-profit youth program that inspires 4th through 6th-grade students through hands-on STEM education. With over 30 years of experience, we are a team of dedicated and talented educators and support staff with many talents. We are always engaged in ways to support the educational community, and we look forward to the opportunity of helping bring the ideas and inventions of young minds to life!

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3D Printing
Posted about Utensil Helmet by Madeline

We've started 3D printing! Our printer isn't capable of printing the helmet at full size, so we've broken it down into eight smaller sections. Once the printing is complete, we will do a test fitting of the parts.

CAD Design
Posted about Utensil Helmet by Madeline

We are making some progress. Using FreeCAD, we completed the initial designs of the helmet shell. Next up... 3D printing!

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