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Sophie Mackay

Edinburgh, UK
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Skills:3D model making, sketching

I am a product design student at Edinburgh Napier University. I love designing things that will make life a little bit easier and make people smile! I'm 18 years old and enjoy playing hockey and going to the gym.

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Adding colour
Posted about Kangroo Boxing Gloves by Ryver

Once the paper mâché was dried on my model, I began to add colour with spray paint. However the spray paint was going slightly transparent so the newspaper was still showing through. I decided to use red acrylic paint to cover the model and then use the spray paint again over the top to get the glossy finish on the model.

Posted about Kangroo Boxing Gloves by Ryver

I made the originally planned shape out of the sponge and  clown shoe but there was a few parts that didn't quite work or fit together,  some parts needed covered, so I thought it would be best to cover it with paper mache as I could build up a better shape with this. The shoe will also be a more solid structure with this as it was quite flimsy before and couldn't keep its shape very easily.

First Steps
Posted about Kangroo Boxing Gloves by Ryver

I started off by making a cardboard model to figure out the basic shapes of the design. I came up with a basic shoe with the end of the shoe being shaped into a boxing glove. The shape almost reminded me of a clown shoe so I thought it could be useful to use this as a base to work around when making my final model.

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