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Nadia Russell

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
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Job role:Edinburgh Napier 1st Year Product Design Student

Skills:As a maker, I am organised and reflective. For that, my best skill would be making sure the process is thorough and challenges/failures are taken as learning lessons rather than bumps in the road.

As a first-year university student, I am discovering what kind of designer I am, as well as what I am passionate about in the industry. I have always been quite an artistic student, and I have found that it is present in the products that I design and create!

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Our Completed Work
Posted about Circle ball by Varsha

Once we had completed Circle ball, the 3D element for the poster was given more attention and soon later was completed too. With the poster and Circle ball completed, as well as the character completed too, we finally reached a point where all three components of the project were completed!

Finalising Circle Ball!
Posted about Circle ball by Varsha

As we reached the end of our project, all that was left was to carefully place and glue the small components onto Circle ball. UHU glue was used to do so, as well as hot glue for the larger pieces that needed something that would dry faster and keep a strong hold. Small sticker jewels, seashells, etc., were also used to enhance the aesthetic of the product! We aimed to almost perfectely resemble Varsha's vision of Circle ball with the product we had produced.

Poster 3D Element
Posted about Circle ball by Varsha

Once the digital poster had been completed, it was decided that a 3D element was needed to elevate the poster. Therefore, a miniature half sphere was created through paper mache, and then once it was dried it was painted as well. Just like the sketch of Circle ball, there were also smaller shapes needing to be added around the sphere in order to make it complete as well.

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