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Broxburn, Scotland, UK
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Job role:Product Design Student

Skills:Drawing, model making and cad

I am a first year student doing product design! I love drawing and creating things! I enjoy going to the cinema and spending time with family and friends. Also, I love coffee 😆

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Poster Display
Posted about Sea Seaweed Jumper by Iris

I made a poster to get across my issue and then the resolution. So the first one I did I didn’t show the shark going to eat the rabbit very well, so I changed it to show the shark behind the rabbit with the mouth open.

I also added a 3D hat to show the design better and add some interest to the poster.

Making the cloak
Posted about Sea Seaweed Jumper by Iris

This is the fun but tricky part!
So to make the cloak I cut ribbon the length of a child's wingspan, and bits of ribbon to go around the child’s wrists and fasten with Velcro. This is how the cloak will stay on when you wear it.  I then sewed more seaweed shaped bits of fabric onto the ribbon which will give the effect of a cloak disguise as they hang down off the arms.  The ribbon will fasten around the neck with a bow giving a ‘bow tie’ effect.

Adding The Seaweed
Posted about Sea Seaweed Jumper by Iris

After I made the actual hat it was time to make it blend in! So I cut strips of fabric into seaweed shapes so I could add them to the underneath of the hat, along them to hang down over the face.  I used glue to stick them underneath as it was easier than sewing.

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