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Katy Hackers

South Shields, Tyne and Wear, UK
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Skills:Digital 3D Animation as well as 2D Design and Motion Graphics.

I started animating in 2D, working on motion graphics. After 3 years I decided to pick up 3D modelling and have since learnt to rig, animate and render for 3D animations. 

I’m continuing to challenge myself with new styles of design and animation.

Recent blog entries

The Cogs Are Turning!
Posted about Food Transfer 2023 by Mathew

The Food Transfer 2032 is now up and running. I've animated the hamsters wheel and attached it to a generator that will power the cars! Mathews invention will enable the hamster to drive his food to himself for as long as they keep the wheel turning. 

The wheel has been set up in 3D software Blender which is a great open source (FREE!!) tool for modelling new ideas and getting them moving.

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