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Dale Johnston

Kirkcaldy, Scotland, UK
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Job role:Edinburgh Napier 1st year Product Design Student

Skills:Sketching, 3D and physical modelling, graphic design.

I'm a 1st Year Product Design student at Edinburgh Napier University.

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Assembling the Model
Posted about The Grabber for Earth by Eloise

After completing all the parts of The Grabber for Earth scooter, we assembled them to create the finished model of the scooter. 

The real wheel was re-attached to the deck so it could perform its hover pivot. The steering column was put through its holder, and the handlebars were attached to the groove that was made for it. This made me realise that I had attached the front wheel to the steering column sideways, though this was quickly fixed by punching out the right holes in the right "side" of the steering column and re-attaching the front wheel. 

The flat side of the steering column holder was hot-glued to a flat part on the curved end of the scooter's deck, and the steering wheel was glued to its position at the middle of the handlebars. The basket was glued to its position on the front of the steering column, and the Grabber arm was attached above it. 

Other previously unmentioned parts were also attached to complete the model. These include the up/down buttons that would be used for the wheels, which were glued to the steering column to face the user; and another button, which was attached to the right side of the handlebars.

With this all said and done, the model was complete. The final thing we did was to take a photo of the model in front of a white background, with the poster on said background.

Creating the Poster - Draft 2/2.1
Posted about The Grabber for Earth by Eloise

For the second draft of the poster, I took the advice I had been given and got to work. I started off by cutting out the scooter from the original background in image editing software and replaced the background with a dirty street. I then added a shadow underneath the scooter to make it look like as if the scooter was hovering. After this, I added a rubbish pile in front of the scooter to make it look as if the Grabber arm was picking the can out of said pile. Though it may look a bit strange, the rubbish pile overlapping the scooter’s shadow was a conscious choice to make the rubbish pile stand out more. After that, I edited the basket to have pieces of litter in it as that would be where the Grabber arms stores the litter that it picks up. 

For the font I first used a quite thin font named "Herculanum", with white font colouring and a black outline.  However the font was changed to a larger, more blocky font named "Childhood by Flo Crusher" to be consistent with the other sub-groups that I was in a larger group with. The editing of the text was largely kept the same, bar a spelling mistake or two.

This resulted in Draft 2.1, which ended up becoming the finished version of the poster.

Creating the Poster - Draft 1
Posted about The Grabber for Earth by Eloise

For the A3 poster, I first started off with creating a 3D model of the scooter grabbing a can in 3D modelling software. It was based both on Eloise's original drawing and the actual model that I and Josh was making. I was unable to give the scooter its full multi-colour striped look due software limitations, so I settled for having the different parts of the scooter be different single colours and decided to incorporate the multi-colour scheme in a different way. I rendered some shots of the scooter in various environments, though I ended up choosing the one with the city plaza environment as that fit the best with previous advice I had been given for the poster. 

From there, I started to make the first poster draft. I positioned the render image so that it would be around the centre-right of the poster, with text of the poster being in the top left corner. I made the text multi-coloured to incorporate the multi-colour scheme of the scooter into the poster, with an outer-glow effect added to the smaller text in an effort to  make the text more legible from the background. For the feedback of the poster draft, it was suggested that I should use a background of a dirty street instead of the quite clean city plaza in my rendering. It was also suggested that I should use different colours for the text as it was a bit distracting, and that I should add a pile of rubbish in front of the scooter so that it looks like the Grabber arm is picking the can out of the rubbish pile. Another suggestion was that I should put some rubbish in the basket of the scooter. I took all this advice into consideration for the second draft.

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