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Chelsea Vivash

London, Greater London, UK
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Skills:I have skills in drawing and sculpture and I am an imagination officer at Little Inventors!

I have training in furniture and product design and so the ingenious inventions that the children have come up with are extremely compelling and I'm super excited to be able to bring some of these marvelous ideas to life!

Recent blog entries

Practising with sugar
Posted about Toothbrush Lollipop by Le Yo

I have been experimenting with making candy and adding food colour, so that I can make a lollipop just like Le Yo's design. I also had a play around with the petal shapes, although at the moment this is a bit rough and needs some work to make it look really pretty!

Making it stand out!
Posted about 6 leg chair by Max

The six-leg chair worked really well, however it looked a bit plain. After giving it a clean up I  decided to add some colour. I created a band of yellow on each of the legs, including the two extra ones. This meant that you can really see how the chair works, because the bands of clour line up when the chair is upright.

I chose yellow because Max drawing had a happy child wearing a yellow T-shirt, and yellow is the Little Inventors colour!

Swinging too far
Posted about 6 leg chair by Max

Now that the 2 extra legs were attached we almost had a 6 leg chair. However, because of the way they were bolted together, the extra could swivel all the way around 360 degrees. Now, this wasn't suitable at all! I needed to create a way to allow the new legs to swing enough that the supported the chair when tipped back, but nothing more.

I did some research and saw that boxes with lids are often secured with a hinge to stop them from swinging open completely. As well as this I saw that ribbon or tape could be used to do the same thing. Because the extra chair legs needed to sit tightly next the chair I decided that the slimmer ribbon idea would be best. I stapled the ribbon to the back of the chair and the extra leg, and voila! The leg swung enough to support the chair, then when the ribbon was taught it stopped!

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