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Create an invention using things found in nature to help nature

By Jude Pullen, Designer & Technologist

Jude challenges you to go outdoors and give nature a helping hand. Create your very own invention using objects found in nature. What will you come up with?!

Jude is a designer from Cumbria in the north of England. He has designed all sorts of thing from LEGO toys to vacuum cleaners. He loves making and exploring the outdoors with his son.


Download the full set of activities to get started on this maker challenge.

Activity 1

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Nature is an inventor

Begin by thinking about all of the amazing things nature has created. Think about bee hives, termite mounds and bird nests, these are all amazing inventions created by nature!

Activity 2

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Let nature inspire you

Use the things you found in nature to help you make some art! Art can be anything, so let your objects lead the way and create something wild and wacky!

Activity 3

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What's the catch?

This activity comes with a how-to guide which will teach you step by step how to make your own fishing net using only a few simple materials. What else can you make with your treasures?

Activity 4

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Making a difference

Invention is all about making things better for us and the creatures around us. Use Jude's top tips to help you think about what kind of animals or environment your creation could help.

Invention sheet

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Draw your nature invention

Tell us about your invention and upload it (see below) for a chance to win a Little Inventors Book!

How to enter!

You can submit more than one invention idea.

Submit invention ideas through our upload page.

  1. Draw your inventionon the Jude Pullen Maker Challenge - Activity 4
  2. Scan or photograph the *whole* sheetas straight on as possible
  3. Upload it in JPEG, PNG or GIF format (choose a file)

Each invention idea will comprise of an image of a clear drawing, the name, age and location of the inventor, the name of the invention and a description, and a contact email address.

Examples of scanned images

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