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Use Less Water!

Age 11Prudhoe, UK

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Erin's invention uses pedal energy instead of electricity to power showers, reducing energy use but also to encourage people to take shorter showers. We also like that it will get people working together and doing more exercise.

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Use less water
Posted by Whippet Up CIC

After sourcing some bicycle parts and our dolls we decided they could do with them looking a bit less plastic and with a  more realistic body shape. Action man acquired a tummy, more body fat and less muscles. Our doll, however kept her athletic form! The construction of the tank made from cardboard, the bath from a plastic tub were both coated in mod roc and the all the guttering and belts  added. Then the fun of decorating the bathroom with some gorgeous leftover paint. The little cups on the big wheel, the watering can, the plant, the tiny rubber duck and the flying seagulls were all made from plastic hardening clay. Finally the bath mat arrived through the post, crocheted by our friend Jan

Use less water
Posted by Whippet Up CIC

We finally managed to find a female doll to be our cyclist. We had three barbie contenders but I think the nicest one won! Different  members of our Whippet Up Wellbeing groups helped make many  of the accessories including dressing our female cyclist, making a duck for the bath, crocheting a bath mat and even making a bath scrubber for action man in the bath out of an old toothbrush.