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Toxic chemicals detector

Age 10Harare, Zimbabwe

This idea has been brought to life

This invention was brought to life by Hung lu chan via digital 3D render.

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Hung Lu Chan has been working on making this idea real.
Rendering of the Toxic Chemials Ditactor_color update
Posted by Hung Lu Chan

Top view rendering of the new version of the pipe color.

Two modes of the pipe_color update
Posted by Hung Lu Chan

Following Kiara's idea of a color plan which is using orange, blue, and yellow as the main color, I tried another version of pipe color.

Rendering of the Toxic Chemials Ditactor
Posted by Hung Lu Chan

Fishes, octopus, and hippos are swimming in the ocean, while the pipe senses the chemicals in the water discharged by the industrial plant, so the pipe's gate is closed to protect the habitat.

Two modes of the pipe
Posted by Hung Lu Chan

This rendering shows the final look of the toxic chemicals ditactor.

Rendering of the context
Posted by Hung Lu Chan

In this image, I am trying to visualize the scenario that Kiara proposed in her drawing.

Rendering of the pipe
Posted by Hung Lu Chan

In this step, I tried to put the materials on the pipe and check how it looks. The body of the pipe will be metal, the inner pipe and the gate will be rubber, and the indicator light will be a red color when it lights on. When the sensor detects the chemical in the water, the wheel will automatically turn off the gate.

3D modeling of the smart pipe
Posted by Hung Lu Chan

Continuing idea 3 from the previous sketch, I build a 3D model to see the proportion and the shape of the model if it fits with the sketch. When the pipe detects the chemicals in the water through the sensors, the gate will be closed automatically and the warning light will be on. As soon as the water is clean, the gate will be open again.

Visualizing different details
Posted by Hung Lu Chan

Following the notes in Kiara's sketch, I integrate the pipe, sensor, and valve altogether in design. In this sketch, I try to visualize different shapes of pipes and combinations of sensors. I think the toxic chemicals ditactor will become a kind of smart ring that can connect to the usual pipe. Based on the last meeting with Kiara, she mentioned that the pipes in Zimbabwe are sometimes on the ground and sometimes under, so I choose idea 3 to continue to the next step since the function and shape make the smart ring adapt to both conditions. In the next step, I will start to build the 3D model based on the sketch!

Sketching the idea
Posted by Hung Lu Chan

I think it is very brave for Kiara to propose the idea to tackle the chemical water issue which has already lasted for a long time. Kiara's idea is very straight to the point of the problem and which makes the idea powerful and also ironic to those companies still discharging chemicals into the water. The intention of this sketch seeks to narrow down Kiara's idea from her overview scale to a more-focused idea. After having a discussion with Kiara, the idea narrows down to a smart pipe that can detect chemicals in the water and stop the valve automatically when sensing the chemicals. The detecting sensors will be embedded inside the pipe and when the chemicals are detected, the indicator light will be on to report the situation. For the next step, I will make a sketch with more details and see how to emphasize the essence of Kiara's straightforwardness in the idea.