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The Snowflake Maker

Age 6Boise, US

This idea has been brought to life

The snowflake maker was brought to life in this amazing digital illustration by concept artist Octavio Sebastian!

Maker blog entries

Octavio Sebastian has been working on making this idea real.
Update #3
Posted by Octavio Sebastian

We're nearly there!! The scene is coming along very nicely, and the base image is finally done, so only thing left is to add details and of course SNOWFLAKES, lots of them!

Snowflake Maker Update #2
Posted by Octavio Sebastian

Getting more details into the main tower that will make the snowflakes and starting to compose the final snowy scene, still need to add some polar bears there :)

Snowflake Maker Update #1
Posted by Octavio Sebastian

After meeting with Avery, the brains behind this amazing idea, I've started to design waht the actual tower/building that blows snowflakes away would look like... Here are some of those ideas :)