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Space amils (space-imals)

Age 11Nepean, Canada

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There are an estimated 88 millions pet cats on Earth (see more mind blowing pet facts here?]) yet none a single one in space - until now! Us humans have an incredibly strong bong with our animal friends, wouldn't it be amazing if they could travel to space with us?

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Radical Norms has been working on making this idea real.
User testing
Posted by Radical Norms

We are working on prototyping the suit together with Zooki. Looking into best and easiest way for Zooki to get in the suit.  Zooki inspected the suit and had some issues with the tail part...:) 
Also Wooop woop - we got the 3d printed helmet parts! cannot wait to paint them...

Cat Space Suit - Helmet Prototyping
Posted by Radical Norms

We are working on prototyping the helmet for the space cat suit. The cardboard model is helping us understand how to connect the glass orb to the suit, this component will be 3-D printed. The rest of the suit will be a snug fitting soft shell, the materials of which are being figured out.

Process - Step 1
Posted by Radical Norms

Making 1:1 scale model of the cat so we can start prototyping the suit on top of it.