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SCAF (Système de Communication Avec les Fourmis)

Justin Age 12

Gatineau – QC, Canada

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Ottawa, Canada

Make 613 is a small group of makers in the Ottawa community who are informally grassroots organized.

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Made real by David Hunt from Make613

David said 'I didn’t expect to get sucked into youtube watching ants, but it happened.

Of course many of us know that ants leave pheromones to communicate with other ants, but I knew that in my basement workshop I would have a hard time identifying these scents.

Little Inventor, Justin, was able to have a great brainstorming session together. There were many ideas bounced around such as using other ants as receptors to identify the pheromones but we agreed that we would study the ants using sound.

I theorized that if they could make noise they didn’t necessarily need to speak but we could translate noise into the English / French alphabet.

I figured if we ran a loop 26 times and sampled the microphone each time increment a counter if the ant was making noise we would get one of the 26 alphabet letters back out. In other words, if the ant made noise 3 times when sampling we would assume that he meant to tell us that he was spelling the letter C and if the next round he only made noise once he might be telling us the letter A'.