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Robot diplodocus hedge cutter

Age 5Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

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London, London, UK

I run a makerspace called Machines Room and i'm Chief Maker at Little Inventors!
I studied art, and love design. I do lots of DIY, fixing and helping others make things.

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Gareth Owen Lloyd has been working on making this idea real.
Making the Robot diplodocus hedge cutter in cardboard
Posted by Gareth Owen Lloyd

This invention would really help people who can't use heavy hedge trimmers. I've had a go at making it in cardboard. I looked online for pictures and I modelled the shape on a diplodocus and used a chainsaw for the tail and secateurs for the robots mouth. I added to Oliver's design by adding caterpillar tracks so that the hedge cutter doesn't get stuck in mud. I started with a pre-made box and built the grinding stomach by cutting loads of cutting disks and threading them on to a tube. I made the tracks by peeling the top layer of paper of the corrugated card to give it the texture of a caterpillar tread. Oliver's robot has two heads I like how the secateurs look like a mouth and and eye of the robot.