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This idea has been brought to life

Andrew's invention helps patients muscles to repair whilst they're recovering from injury! It was made into a prototype by the clever people at NHS Innovations lab.

Andrew with the team

Andrew went to see his cast being made real and even had a go himself!

Charlotte Fox, Innovation Manager says

'Our staff in medical physics and the fracture clinic team joined forces, using their expertise to take Andrew’s drawing and help Andrew create his invention. We hope this inspires other Little Inventors to draw/ create their great ideas and to share them with the world! We absolutely loved Andrew’s idea. It solves a real world problem and has the potential to help patients who have a broken bone'

With thanks to the City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust Staff:

Caroline Rudland - Medical Physicist

David Horwood – Plaster Services Manager

Denise Warrender – Staff Nurse Fracture Clinic

Karen Glover- Fracture Clinic Manager

Charlotte Fox – Innovation Manager

Katherine Ashby – Innovation Admin Assistant

and to Andrew Turner – Lead Innovator, Quality Hospital Solutions